FAO of CEOs, MDs, Chairs of the Board, Trustees, Business Owners.

Your organization cannot afford to continue making the same digital business mistakes over and over again, nor to remain on the treadmill of the same old nonsense online strategies. To stand out in the very crowded and noisy digital spaces, your organization needs to not only be different, but to be extraordinary.

bulbThe light bulb is for common sense digital marketing, like this: you need to treat with disdain anything that the social media platform providers or “done-for-you” outsourced social media marketers tell you. They make their money by maximizing the time and financial cost to you of being on social media. While unspoken, there is inherently a conflict of interest here.

Blue Dog Scientific Ltd is a Consultancy company which offers organizations extraordinary marketing power, extraordinary knowledge and extraordinary strategic business thinking. Headed by Dr Gary Sharpe, we have established ourselves as a global leader (see testimonials below) in common sense digital marketing & technology for companies who take their business seriously.

bulbGiving people outside of your brand, business or company the free reign to tweet, post or put anything at all online in your name, to speak everlasting digital words in your voice, is just not common sense business thinking. So if you cannot immediately answer this question: “what are we putting out on social media?” then you may have a serious problem.

What we can do with you.

Social media marketing has become a game. We don’t play games, we work at the business end. Too many of you are being ripped off and sold social media snakeoil.  Too many of you are duped into paying high fees just for someone to tweet three times week for you. Too many of you are wasting time and money on false promises. We work with you to cut out all this nonsense, to make your digital marketing and sales as time and cost efficient as possible.

bulbFollowers are not customers, comments are not sales orders; “likes” are not brand loyalty; engagements are not earnings. If your business is spending time and money chasing followers, comments, likes or engagements then you need to call us. We help you refocus on customers, sales, loyalty and earnings.

When was the last time you checked your digital health?

The vast majority of businesses currently need to critically review how they are conducting business online. Our digital review service is both the health and sanity check you are now overdue. We can help you identify your digital strengths and weaknesses. We examine your strategy (do you even have one?) and we test your assumptions. We report on where you are at and what steps you need to take. Our aim is to make you fighting fit again.

bulbIf your company “does” social media, but you cannot immediately answer this question: “why are we on social media?” then you urgently need to stop and review. Hint: “ask the marketing people” or “because everyone else is” are neither common sense nor answers

Restart with efficiency in mind.

We work with you to refocus your strategy from the perpsective of maximizing efficiency and returns on investment. We help you understand what the cost of not changing your organizational bad habits are and what return on investment actually means for you.

bulbYour goal is to use social media and social networking to increase your sales as rapidly and as cost-effectively as possible. If “doing” social media is only lengthening the time or financial costs of selling then you must stop and rethink.

Social business tools.

Most of you will be using social media to simply broadcast. This is a terrible mistake. Social media can also be exploited as a listening toolbox for gathering market and consumer intelligence. We build tailored technical tools to ensure you can make the intelligent choices.

bulbYou must not only measure the outcomes of your company “doing” social media, you must act on these measurements. You must define the correct yardsticks. If these yardsticks indicate failure then you must not just carry on regardless.

Be part of history in the making.

Over the past 18 months, we have invested in creating massive digital assets, powerful and highly engaged collaborative networks, a fearsome digital reputation, a globally recognized position of authority and the deepest knowledge of the technology of digital marketing.

For companies we work with, this combination now has the power to transform.

bulbIt is impossible for anyone who is not part of your brand (being your company ethos, vision and mission) or anyone who does not buy into it 100%, to “raise your brand awareness” on your behalf. They can only, in the end, damage it.

Be extraordinary.

Do something extraordinary today. Just pick up the phone and talk to us.

bulbYour principal, number one, objective of being online is to use it to create the shortest possible routes to getting those all important Person 2 Person meetings, whether Face 2 Face, Phone 2 Phone or Screen 2 Screen. Electronic Avatars do not sell to Electronic Avatars. People do.


“Many Thanks Gary. You remain Inspirational as Always.”​ – Amanda Cunningham on LinkedIn.

“This is delightfully entertaining, informative and I am just gonna go right ahead and share it. Thanks for this no-nonsense perspective Gary Sharpe”​ – Don Kerr on LinkedIn.

“Well Gary, I have only one word to say…… Genius!! You’ve got my attention also, based on this morning’s earlier Group conversation.”​ – Steve Philip on LinkedIn.

“Gary, i have been reading all your posts!! The best!! Truely inspiring! Keep it going!”​ – Pedro Caramez on LinkedIn.

“For world class social media tips follow @DrGarySharpe on Twitter #topthinker”​ – John White on LinkedIn.

“Going to say it… @DrGarySharpe you know too much…experts expert with an understanding most would kill for #SocialMastermind”​ – Angus Grady on Twitter.

““I am very proud and deeply touched to call Gary Sharpe my virtual friend. He is an amazing person, creative genius with a big heart always looking how to help others and make an impact on community.” – Alex Rankovic on LinkedIn.

“Insightful, brilliant, and tactically relevant as always, Gary. Thanks for always sharing your tips, tricks and workarounds with all of us. We benefit so much from your “scientific” and common sense applications on social media strategy and tactics. Your perspective and findings are fascinating, and so inspiring. You always have a beat on the pulse of LinkedIn! Great job!” – Hannah Tighe on LinkedIn.

“Yes Gary is quite an extraordinary man. What he develops is amazing especially since its without source code access. He moves me to want call “Mutiny” and recruit a team to build an indestructible next gen Business Social Network!” – Nanette Stavis on LinkedIn.

“Gary provides great and new information on how to effectively use LinkedIn. I always read his commentary when provided on LinkedIn and Google+. If you are not following Gary you are missing out on how best to use LinkedIn”​ – Spencer Maus on Mosaic Hub.

“Gary is a very talented individual with his expert knowledge in marketing strategies and the usefulness of networking. His knowledge is very helpful for others as well as myself and would definitely recommend him to anyone looking to develop their business.” – Kamer Shah on Mosaic Hub.

“Gary is a very creative and intelligent person.He is capable of thinking, and acting, outside the box. With his analytic approach to business issues he is able to unravel problems which are blocking people or processes. Highly recommendable!”  – Maarten Bierman on Mosaic Hub.

“With his insightful expertise and great communication skills, I would highly recommend Gary as he provided me with astute advice when discussing and developing a new product line. A vital commodity when creating a new addition to our portfolios of products.”​ – John Duffy on Mosaic Hub.

“Gary is a first class professional – very much a digital geek, in a very nice way. You will find Gary will not only give you an answer – he will also give you alternatives. Quality rating – Outstanding – top guy.”​ – Martin Hopkins on Mosaic Hub.

“Gary, thanks! You definitely are our Guru on LI”​  – Aly B. Moreno H. on LinkedIn.

“Great work by Dr. Gary Sharpe. Gary is terrifically thoughtful, knowledgeable and creative. He has even discovered things about our platform that we didn’t even realize were special and unique. Our whole team respects his work.”​ – Denise Hayman-Loa on Mosaic Hub.

“The depth to which LinkedIn content can be ‘worked’​ is astounding, but only if you know how! Gary Sharpe is certainly a master of the art.”​ – Nigel Cliffe on LinkedIn.

“Dear Gary Sharpe, I am very happy to share about your Blue Dog Scientific project! It is always great to collaborate with you on LinkedIn! You are always doing great research and you have helped me, and you help really a lot with your excellent and exclusive practical guidance and expert recommendations and insight all other business, professional and science participants in the global networks of LinkedIn, Carii, Inc., Pinterest, Google and etc. Global Shared Net-Worlds!!”​ – Yordan Radev on LinkedIn.

“I agree completely with you about Gary. He always has my attention. “​ – Arthur Aranda on LinkedIn.

“We have only been connected for a short time.  Based on your content and commitment to your craft that come through in your posts, I would not hesitate to hire or recommend your company to anyone.” – Trent Selbrede.
“Gary Sharpe, yes, I am very impressed and very, very appreciative! (I also like and appreciate your writing style.)”​  – Sara Jacobovici on LinkedIn

“Gary, everytime you write something about Linkedin is so interesting and useful, where have you been in the last four years or so, how is it possible i discovered you only recently? Great job, thanks for sharing.” – Giorgio Fianello

“Fantastic article and congrats Gary Sharpe on a break through with LinkedIn. I also like the substantial list you have put together in this article – providing knowledgeable authors and additional articles. Great job!” – Mary Gee

“Excellent & most informative and even more important you’re vouched for by the illustrious Jeffrey Strickland a man of both great renown & unquestioned virtue, that’s good enough for me. Your information was well presented, thorough, & obviously presented from a quite knowledgeable perspective. I do appreciate this information & your effort in assuring that we less electronic media adept individual Li users have access to it, thank you!” – Keith MacDonald


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