Buzz Generation

Buzz GenerationI’m currently researching and writing extensively about online & digital tools for Business.  These blog posts are seen and enjoyed across social media and social network channels.

Do you have a new online product or a website for business that would benefit from some buzz and multi-channel visibility?

After writing about Carii, a Community based website, Denise Hayman-Loa, Carri CEO, wrote “Gary is terrifically thoughtful, knowledgeable and creative. He has even discovered things about our platform that we didn’t even realize were special and unique. Our whole team respects his work.

After writing about Zenler, a new e-learning platform,  Rakesh V., Director, said “Yes surely it boosted [Zenler]


3 thoughts on “Buzz Generation

  1. Hi Gary, Yes, I know a Startup in UK,
    They are developing an awesome App that prevents cyberbullying. I contacted Vigne Kozacek (@vkozacek), it´s founder, and the situation is that they need more funding to release the App. That is the kind of technology that gives a good social impact. He is one 1st degree member in my network, if you like I can introduce you, if you are interested.

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