Ghost Writing

Ghost WritingDo you find it difficult or even a pain to write good content or find the writing process too time consuming?

I am a prolific writer of popular blogs and posts. These have been very effective in generating views, followers and engagement. My track record as Top Contributor in very many LinkedIn Groups over the years has been outstanding, while my posts on Google+ have already generated over 3,000,000 views.

I find the creative writing enjoyable and I can write polished content quickly. Since I’ve created more than enough content for myself already, I would be happy to consider opportunities to ghost write for you too.

Angus Grady of Customeye Media says “Gary has been an inspiration over the last few months and someone who I recognise as a true expert at what he does.
The quality of the content and ideas that Gary brings to LinkedIn and other platforms is truly amazing.His style of writing and his ideas have sparked some very good exchanges of comments, excatly what LinkedIn has been missing of late.
Gary has helped me and indirectly my clients and I am looking forward to collaborating with him during 2015 and beyond.His Social Media for Business course is very good and reflects his genuine desire to help others and share his knowledge.
He brings so much good content to the platforms that he uses and I can’t recommend him highly enough,please follow and engage with him.



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