GraphicsOur expertise includes the use of image manipulation tools and image processing techniques. While this knowledge arises from applications in scientific research, it allows us to create unusual visual hooks and eye catching graphics.

These include animations, montages and special effects, all of which help blogs and other online articles to stand out from the crowd.

While packages like Canva are easy to use for creating professional images, have you noticed how these “packaged” visuals are all blending into the same-old styles? If everyone else is using the same type of imagery as you, how will your online activity stand out?

We’ve learned a few tricks which make our graphics different, helping to draw the eye to posts. We can create these visual hooks for you too.

“I  like your articles–and must admit I’m “warming” to your graphics style. It is very distinctive, instantly spot your posts.

“Gary Love those images, how don you do them? Is there a special course?”

“Hi Gary, I recently came across your profile from a group I was reviewing and have had a look at your LinkedIn posts which are great – the clickable graphic cards are a great idea! “






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