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From across media channels.

Vigne Kozacek, Review on LinkedIn.

Gary has been helping me to develop my online business and to raise awareness and promote my Digital Chaperone App. This is a technology I have developed which allows parents to manage and understand the apps their children are using on mobile devices. Gary and I were introduced via a mutual connection on LinkedIn, at a critical time in the Digital Chaperone business development.

Gary has been simply Brilliant.

Technical Skills and Know-How – Brilliant.
Strategic Thinking – Brilliant.
Social Media Management – Brilliant.
Passion and Commitment – Brilliant
Work Ethic and Delivery – Brilliant
Communication Skills – Brilliant
Altogether. Brilliant.

My only regret is that I did not hire Gary months ago

Angus Grady, Review on LinkedIn:

“Gary has been an inspiration over the last few months and someone who I recognise as a true expert at what he does. The quality of the content and ideas that Gary brings to LinkedIn and other platforms is truly amazing. His style of writing and his ideas have sparked some very good exchanges of comments, excatly what LinkedIn has been missing of late.  Gary has helped me and indirectly my clients and I am looking forward to collaborating with him during 2015 and beyond.His Social Media for Business course is very good and reflects his genuine desire to help others and share his knowledge. He brings so much good content to the platforms that he uses and I can’t recommend him highly enough,please follow and engage with him.”

Alex Rankovic, Recommendation in LinkedIn Newsfeed

“I am very proud and deeply touched to call Gary Sharpe my virtual friend. He is an amazing person, creative genius with a big heart always looking how to help others and make an impact on community.”

Hannah Tighe, Comment on LinkedIn Post.

“Insightful, brilliant, and tactically relevant as always, Gary. Thanks for always sharing your tips, tricks and workarounds with all of us. We benefit so much from your “scientific” and common sense applications on social media strategy and tactics. Your perspective and findings are fascinating, and so inspiring. You always have a beat on the pulse of LinkedIn! Great job!”

Nanette Stavis, Recommendation in LinkedIn Newsfeed.

“Yes Gary is quite an extraordinary man. What he develops is amazing especially since its without source code access. He moves me to want call “Mutiny” and recruit a team to build an indestructible next gen Business Social Network!”

Spencer Maus, Review on MosaicHub:

“Gary provides great and new information on how to effectively use LinkedIn. I always read his commentary when provided on LinkedIn and Google+. If you are not following Gary you are missing out on how best to use LinkedIn.”

Kamer Shah, Review on MosaicHub:

“Gary is a very talented individual with his expert knowledge in marketing strategies and the usefulness of networking. His knowledge is very helpful for others as well as myself and would definitely recommend him to anyone looking to develop their business.”

Maarten Bierman, Review on MosaicHub:

Gary is a very creative and intelligent person.He is capable of thinking, and acting, outside the box. With his analytic approach to business issues he is able to unravel problems which are blocking people or processes. Highly recommendable!

John Duffy, Review on MosaicHub:

With his insightful expertise and great communication skills, I would highly recommend Gary as he provided me with astute advice when discussing and developing a new product line. A vital commodity when creating a new addition to our portfolios of products.

 Martin Hopkins, Review on MosaicHub:

Gary is a first class professional – very much a digital geek, in a very nice way. You will find Gary will not only give you an answer – he will also give you alternatives. Quality rating – Outstanding – top guy.

Denise Haymon-Loa, Review on MosaicHub:

Great work by Dr. Gary Sharpe. Gary is terrifically thoughtful, knowledgeable and creative. He has even discovered things about our platform that we didn’t even realize were special and unique. Our whole team respects his work.

Martin Braithwaite, Review on MosaicHub:

I can only comment on the specific area I have worked on with Gary – detonation physics model development with Gary doing the majority of the research. In this field he is internationally leading – his work is meticulous and of an extremely high standard. His reporting is also of a very high standard – clear, well written and concise – always delivered on time. Many of his publications, with Gary as principal author, are in international peer reviewed journals. I am aware he has a considerable knowledge of social and business media but cannot comment in any detail. His vast experience in computing in a variety of architectures and operating systems will be an advantage here.

Glenn Tobin, Review on MosaicHub

 Dr Sharpe has a deep understanding of an area of mutual interest, namely what happens during the explosive process in mining and how best to optimize the enormous amount of energy released during a blast event. Many practitioners in the area don’t fully understand what happens during the explosive process, a fact known to Dr Sharpe, so he has made it a mission to educate the industry to optimize explosives use & blast outcomes as a consequence.

Examples of Feedback Received via InMail, LinkedIn (from various correspondents):

Thanks for connecting. You do great work, and good posts too! I like the way you think, and communicate it too. Way to go! Thanks again.Excellent! Your “front of mind” – powerful. That’s what it’s all about. You’re on top it!  Your creativity really bounces out in positive energy. This is rare for people you know.  Thanks again.”

“Great piece this morning. You could probably have written 2000 word posts on each of your five facets and still made for compelling reading….Anyway, good stuff, well done.”

Hope you have a good week and lovin those articles.

I like your articles–and must admit I’m “warming” to your graphics style. It is very distinctive, instantly spot your posts.

“Gary Love those images, how do you do them? Is there a special course?”

Just wanted to express my appreciation of your expertise. I love your articles and your comments! You are approaching the platform from a very different angle than most LinkedIn “SME’s”, digging into the WHY’s not HOW’s that most folks focus on. Such a pleasure to talk to you!

“Hi Gary, I recently came across your profile from a group I was reviewing and have had a look at your LinkedIn posts which are great – the clickable graphic cards are a great idea! As I’m just up the road from you thought I would reach out and connect.”

“Hi … impressed by your LinkedIn Contributions, Gary,  I recently met Owen Gleadall from Merlinsoft and I also know Pamela from SMS both have spoken highly of you  I would love to meet up for coffee sometime. It would be good to find out more about the rebel on LinkedIn…”

“Im really interested in the content I see you posting, and see your very active so I thought it would be good to connect with you!”

“I’ve been aware of you over a period of time – though we’ve never connected until now. There may be some common ground to explore at some point. When I’m up there – I’ll remind myself buy you a beer.”


Examples of  Feedback Received on Google+

“Your posts are very interesting and I thank you!”

“In short you have inspired me! I always find your posts very interesting and I am impressed by how frequently you post as well.”


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